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See what other people are saying about 3300 Tamarac Apartments in Denver, CO! Here, we truly value our resident’s voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. At our 80231 apartments, we strive to fully design our community with the resident in mind. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at 3300 Tamarac so that we can continue to improve. Here, our residents are our top priority. Schedule a tour of our Denver apartments, and see for yourself better living. Choose 3300 Tamarac today.





The staff here have been nothing but helpful and resourceful to me. This is the first apartment I've leased alone, and they have helped walk me through everything, they don't make me feel like I'm an idiot for not knowing what to do. Every time I've needed maintenance done, they've come the following day to fix it for me.


I had no clue I could remove my ugly post. Here is how I really feel about the place I call home. I have just signed another lease, this will mark my third lease. I love my home, and where I live. Holly and the gang, I have come to like and respect very much, great people. They have truly been troopers for me, and so thankful for them. So glad I am here! Thank you, Holly and the rest of the gang, love ya! Mary Crawford


Kim is fantastic! Friendly and fast when I have any concerns! Apartment is well, an apartment. But Kim is really the reason why we stay!


Honestly the entire team is awesome, they care about you and your necessities or concerns, they work with you if you have any problem related to your lease or maintenance issue ... been here for more than a year and I love it 😍



I actually waited for two months to make a review because I had seen so many negative ones and I was waiting to see if something was going to go wrong. However, I've had a pleasant experience living here thus far. My apartment was identical to the walk through the staff took me through. The staff is very easy to work with and very responsive whenever I call or email. I was also a bit skeptical about the neighborhood being unsafe, but so far I personally have not run into an issue. I know that is something that can be an issue at any apartment so I feel that is not a fair way to judge the apartment complex itself. The neighborhood is awesome! There are so many restaurants and grocery stores around the area. However, the reason why I am not giving this 5 stars is the utility bill is more than it was advertised during the walk-through, and honestly had I had known it would be as much as it is, I would've looked at other places. But I still love living here even though I have to pay a little bit more for utilities.


Honestly this is a decent place to live. Nice updates to the clubhouse and the upgraded apartments are very nice to live in, but good luck having consistent water temps. Grounds are typically well kept with the exception of the dumpster areas, I honestly think pickup is every other week because more often then not the dumpsters are overflowing and attract vagrants looking through all the things people throw away, there is even a small homeless population that seems to hang out in the common areas in the buildings that face Tamarac Dr. We pay an excessive C.A.M. fee which I have no idea what that is for. This place is a work in progress so hopefully a 5 star rating will attract some more decent people to the complex. I plan on renewing my lease as rent here is very competitive compared to other places in the area. Easy access to RTD and to great shopping centers within walking distance.

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