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See what other people are saying about 3300 Tamarac Apartments in Denver, CO! Here, we truly value our resident’s voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. At our 80231 apartments, we strive to fully design our community with the resident in mind. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at 3300 Tamarac so that we can continue to improve. Here, our residents are our top priority. Schedule a tour of our Denver apartments, and see for yourself better living. Choose 3300 Tamarac today.





Thank you! Jered worked very hard for me and I thought I should let everyone know. The staff is very friendly and helpful now I can call this place home. Got a remodeled apartment and it’s so pretty.


I love this place!! They fix everything right away... they even came and killed a wasp for me... I'm allergic. .. everyone is kind and everything you need is at this place! Plus the GREAT LOCATION! !



I have lived in 4 different complexes in this area and nothing is as gorgeous and comes with as many benefits as 3300 Tamarac. The complex has done some recent renovations and the place looks great! Several pools surrounded by green lawns and a wonderful recreation center with a business center for printin, venue for events & fully stocked gym. The administration has been very helpful, especially Holly the property manager and Pearl one of the leasing agents. All in all a great place to live in south


I recently moved in mid 2016 and honestly this is a pretty great complex for the price. I've done plenty of research before I went here and toured the place twice before I decided to sign the lease. I feel like people don't understand that unless you're willing to spend about 2000/mo, you're NOT going to be living in a luxury apartment complex. And even then EVERY apartment complex has its issues. With that said, this place has some really good pros and some "eh" cons. (I could write more but I don't want to make a gigantic review) Pros: * The Price - For the square footage and multiple plans, it can be decently easy to find something AROUND your price. * The Location - seriously, this is one of the best spots. Target's right across the street, Walmart 5 minutes down hampden, King Supers and its gas station is 5 min away, you're by a light rail station, the highway is about 10 -15 minutes to the highway during rush hour, and there's a movie theater too. I find myself finding everything i need no more than 10-15 minutes away from home (by car). * Friendly staff - people have mixed reviews about the staff in nearly all apartment complexes - saying they are "too blunt" or "not amiable enough". And this is one thing I wish more people understand. They are DOING THEIR JOB! They aren't supposed to be your best friend. If you bring your required paperwork, pay your stuff on time, and be professional with them, they will treat you with total respect. Basically, BE AN ADULT AND DO YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES and you'll be fine. Devon is personally my favorite. * The Walls - I know this differs for every unit (cause everyone has different neighbors) but I can't hear my neighbors pretty much ever. The only time I have was when one of them were having sex (loudly) or when they were fighting. I.E. yelling is a rare occurrence and even then you can SOMETIMES hear it. * The maintenance staff are really fast. When I moved in, I had a few cabinets loose and the back screen off its track. (Keep in mind the complex was built in the early 80s) Both were fixed that day. I had a disposal leak once and that was also fixed that day. If you give the leasing office a call in the morning, they'll work with you. Cons: * They have a LOT of ducks around the complex. It changes seasonally (gone in the winter) but I'm not really one for flying things. Their poop is everywhere when they are around. * Washer / Dryers not in every unit. Granted there is a laundry room in each building but it can sometimes be an inconvenience. * Packages are delivered / dropped at your door. I've never had an issue with people taking anything but it would make me feel better if packages were sent to the leasing office instead of the apartment. * They try to push you towards their website for information (ie dog breeds/ pet costs, other additional stuff you could ask) but you cant really find what you're asking for. I usually have to ask them either by calling or heading to the leasing office. * There isn't a central light/fan in the living room or bedroom. It can be annoying if you dont have the proper lighting on your own but once you get that it's not terribly a big deal. There, 5 and 5. Basically, KEEP IN MIND THAT NOT EVERY APARTMENT IS GOING TO BE PERFECT. But if you are respectful and willing to work with the leasing office, you won't really have any problems.


Well to be honest I was living there for over four and a half years and to be honest before anybody else moved there it was really nice and yes I don't know what happened but the guys are planning to corporate about this if anybody is curious

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